Bioinformatics for Genomic Medicine

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We are very happy to announce our much awaited “Genomic Medicine Program” covering important research topics on Genomics medicine & SARS-COV2 data analysis. It will be really great if you can review the content of the program and join us to learn about the application of Data science for Genomic medicine. This short program is a part of our upcoming full program on “Bioinformatics for Infectious Diseases”. This research program designed in collaboration with multiple educational institutes from Nigeria and aims to bring cutting edge resources at a highly affordable cost.

The programs will utilize Cloud-tools, analysis of publicly deposited Big-Omics Databases, and application of your learning into real Data Science projects. The Omicslogic programs are designed to help beginners transition into the advanced analysis of NGS Data through innovative project-based training.

The programs will also include exclusive mentor-mentee guidance to help students with online courses & resources, sessions, research support, and translating ideas into proposals.

Collaboration MedLabConvo’s Perspective
Aside from creating awareness about career opportunities in Biomedical Science, MedLabConvo also seeks to build professional knowledge and resilience by organizing capacity development programs for students and professionals in the field. The new collaboration with the Pine Biotech Team will serve to expose the intricacies of bioinformatics and data science to the Webinar participants, as well as the various ways in which the knowledge can be applied in the field of Biomedical Science and healthcare delivery.

Program Conception
Bioinformatics for Genomic Medicine is a special one week program designed for students and professionals from Africa and a collaborative effort between Pine Biotech Inc, USA, MedLabConvo, Lagos, Nigeria a non-profit organization that is committed to boosting the understanding of Medical Laboratory & Biomedical Data analysis practice in Nigeria and Adekunle O. Adeluwoye, Faculty at Lead City University, Nigeria, & Project Lead for Undergraduate Research and Knowledge Acquisition Traineeship (UREKA Traineeship).

Program Description
In this program, we will learn to apply analytical & statistical methods to publicly available SARS-COV2 genomic data, learning about the virus emergence, spread, and disease pathology. As a result, you will have the chance to learn about developing your own analysis methodology and a research question related to this pandemic.

The Omicslogic Genomics Medicine plans for three intensive Workshops and 1 week of learning. This short program will cover topics to learn and start implementing your research idea into research proposals and projects. See the details of the sessions below:

September 14 | 6:30 PM WAT | Workshop 1: Next-generation Sequencing – Big Data in Life Sciences

Session Topics: Data-Driven Discovery and Applications of Bioinformatics in Agriculture, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Immunology, Defense, and Healthcare. Session Topics: History of Omics Data and its significance, Overview of the entire course, Overview of the tools and resources for this program ( courses, projects and datasets, and the T-BioInfo Analytics Platform), Expectations and schedule review for the training program, important deadlines, Q&A session.

September 15 | 6:30 PM WAT | Workshop 2: How can bioinformatics help us diagnose and treat infectious diseases?

Session Topics: Precision medicine in Virology, Finding genomic data from epidemic outbreaks and research projects (i.e. genomic sequences and NGS data), Phylogenetics, and Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA), Downstream analysis of genomic data (differential mutations, data mining and association with phenotype). Outcome: Learn about viral genomics and how to obtain NGS data and apply bioinformatics analysis tools to help identify specific viral strains, understand multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis.

September 18 | 6:30 PM WAT | Workshop 3: Genomic Medicine in the era of COVID-19

Overview: The current knowledge & application of big data analysis: SARS COV-2.
The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the COVID-19 disease itself and efforts to quarantine it. In this session, we will learn about the scientific efforts made so far using the data-driven approaches & learn about COVID-19.
Session Topics: Novel coronavirus genes, Proteins and the virology of the disease, how the data and the various analysis tools can help in the detection of viral genomes, compare and distinguish between viral strains, identify the impact of mutations on the functionality of viral proteins, and discuss the virology from the standpoint of data.

We also know that many of you want to help and contribute towards this cause to study, understand, and help stop the spread of COVID-19. During this program, you will learn about the several ways you can contribute as a citizen scientist and be part of this global initiative by analyzing data generated by labs around the globe.

Please book your seat by completing your registration below:

The Omicslogic Genomics Medicine Program is available for $8 USD only. The program is ONLY available for the participants in Africa.

Full Registration Cost: $10 USD.
Early Bird discount – AFRICA20
Fee after discount – $8 USD

Payment Link –

Program Support & Bioinformatics Information

You can learn from us about the program and resources by joining our Telegram group and interacting with mentors from MedLabConvo, Pine Biotech, USA and Dr. Adekunle from Lead University.

We hope that you would find the above information relevant, looking forward to learning from your feedback on our programs and webinars.

If you have further questions, please write to us –

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