FAQs About MLC Community.

Yes you do. MLSCD is a project by MedLabConvo and some partners, the MLC Community is a Community of Young Medical Laboratory Scientists and students interested in moving the profession forward and doing so with the MedLabConvo core team by lending their time and talent to contribute to the overall work at MedLabConvo and reap specific benefits.

NO. There is a MedLabConvo team, currently made up of only 49 members (young scientists and students alike) drawn from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Tanzania 🇹🇿. The community is a larger umbrella that serves as more or less an extension of this team and performing over and above in the community, can grant you access to becoming part of the core team, the guys that make the magic happen.

Students as well as young graduates of the profession can also volunteer.

Now you are clear, click on the link below to complete your registration and join the community