Gabriel is an Early career researcher and emerging Health Journalist interested in health systems strengthening, health communications, thought leadership and Health advocacy. He has written 30+ Peer-reviewed articles and blogs on AllAfrica, Nigeria Health Watch, Peoples gazette and HPHR. He is currently a Program Assistant at Nigeria Health Watch, an alumnus of the British Council Future News Worldwide Program, a Program for emerging journalists and a 2021 HPHR Journal Fellow, a fellowship organized by the Boston Congress of Public Health for emerging thought leaders. Gabriel is also a 2019 Young Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum (YMLSF) Achievement awardee and 2021 ISN Top 3 Medical Laboratory Scientist Awardee.

Gabriel has won grants from the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to assess the care available for people living with Leprosy in Nigeria and also a grant from Knowledge Action Change, UK to bridge the gap of Knowledge and Journalism gaps in Tobacco Harm Reduction reporting in Nigeria.

He is the Founder of MedLabConvo ( and @medlabconvo on all platforms), a Community of young medical students and professionals supporting students and young healthcare professionals with resources for professional development to strengthen future Human Resources for Healthcare. This is done using E-learning platforms. The organization is also involved in health communication, health advocacy and health promotion. The organisation has 5000+ subscribers/followers across Africa, Canada, the USA, Tanzania, Lebanon on social media platforms and representatives in Nigeria and Tanzania which include 30 universities. About 2000+ students and young professionals have benefitted from capacity building and mentorship programs. Also, 2000+ secondary school Nigerian students have been impacted by the career day programs that will enable them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Gabriel’s has worked with the Adolescent and Youth Friendly Center, Public Health Department of Osun State Ministry of Health for 5 months in 2018. He later worked and gained relevant experiences with other youth-focused organisations. He leveraged these platforms to learn and increase his competency in research writing, health advocacy, project management and project planning.

Gabriel is also a 2019 Millennium Fellow, Member of Health Systems Global, and a Member of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In 2019 he was also a co-presenter on Raypower FM, Osogbo, Osun State for radio shows focused on improving community participation in the achievement of sustainable development goals in Osun state.

In 2020, he was recruited by ProHealth International to work as a surge staff for the Port Health Services of the Federal Ministry of Health at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport for 3 months. He was also a Virtual Intern with the West Africa Academy of Public Health in 2020.