The White Blood Cells

By Precious Folaranmi They are referred to as leukocytes and also regarded as soldiers of the body (immune system) responsible for fighting the body against infectious diseases and strange invaders. Leukocytes are nucleated and make up about 1% of the whole blood volume. The normal leukocyte count is between 4,000 to 11,000 microliter of blood. […]

Ethics in Medical Laboratory Science

By Jimoh Sherifat Oyiza There is no question as to the “sense” of morality concerned upon a profession or work place where each and every activity from what to wear to what to say and how it should be said is ethically guided, this guidance can therefore be seen as the rudimentary basis of professionalism, […]

The rise of Antimicrobial Resistance

By Emmanuel Elebesunu Have you ever had an illness from an infection and you kept taking drugs for it but there was no improvement? That, my friend, might have been as a result of antimicrobial resistance. If you keep hearing of those words but the concept sounds a bit complex to you, this article is […]